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English and Spanish CNA Class Schedule 
(You can take your state exam in Spanish too!)

For only $225!


The Best CNA Training in Jacksonville

CNA Class Schedule

April 26th-28th Fri-Sun 9am-12:20pm

April 26th-28th Fri-Sun 1pm-4:20pm

April 29th-May 1st Mon-Wed 9am-12:30pm

April 29th-May 1st Mon-Wed 1pm-4:20pm

May 3rd-5th Fri-Sun 9am-12:20pm

May 3rd-5th Fri-Sun 5pm-9pm

May 6th-8th Mon-Wed 9am-12:30pm

May 6th-8th Mon-Wed 1pm-4:20pm

May 10th-12th Fri-Sun 9am-12:30pm

May 13th-15th Mon-Wed 9am-12:30pm

May 13th-15th Mon-Wed 1pm-4:20pm

May 17th-19th Fri-Sun 9am-12:20pm

May 20th-22nd Mon-Wed 9am-12:30pm

May 20th-22nd Mon-Wed 1pm-4:20pm

May 24th-26th Fri-Sun 9am-12:20pm

May 27th-29th Mon-Wed 9am-12:30pm

May 27th-29th Mon-Wed 1pm-4:20pm

May 31st-June 2nd Fri-Sun 9am-12:20pm

June 3rd-5th Mon-Wed 1pm-4:30pm

June 7th-9th Fri-Sun 5pm-9pm

June 28th-30th Fri-Sun 1pm-4:30pm

July 19th-21st  Fri-Sun 5pm-9pm

Spanish CNA Class Schedule

May 17th -19th Fri-Sun 5pm-8:30pm

May 24th-26th Fri-Sun 5pm-8:30pm

May 31st-June 2nd Fri-Sun 1pm-4:30pm

June 7th-9th Fri-Sun 1pm-4:30pm 

June 10th-12th Mon-Wed 5pm-8:30pm

June 14th-16th Fri-Sun 1pm-4:30pm 

June 17th-19th Mon-Wed 5pm-8:30pm

June 21st-23rd Fri-Sun 1pm-4:30pm

June 24th-26th Mon-Wed 5pm-8:30pm

June 28th-30th Fri-Sun 1pm-4:30pm

Click here to register for BLS/CPR

BLS/CPR May 4th Saturday 12pm-4pm

BLS/CPR May 16th Thursday 5pm-9pm

BLS/CPR June 8th Saturday 12pm-4pm

BLS/CPR June 27th Thursday 5pm-9pm

BLS/CPR July 27th Saturday 5pm-9pm

BLS/CPR August 1st Thursday 5pm-9pm

Register early! Classes fill up fast,
especially the weekend classes!!

Private One-on-One Classes 

Our classes are fast pace and we cover a lot of material in a short amount of time. If you have learning disabilities or language  barriers it is recommended that you call first before registering for class. Our private course is one-on-one hands-on training with an instructor.. Please call for availability and pricing.

To sign up for classes click here

We guarantee that you will pass your state exam or you can take our refresher course again for FREE!

Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure.


To sign up for classes please register online or give us a call.

Even with no experience in the healthcare field and no previous CNA training we still guarantee that you will pass your state exam or you can take our refresher course again for FREE!

Please note the school is not open all day long for walk-ins, however, you may call at any time for information or to make an appointment to come in to meet with an instructor. 


Testing fees are separate from the training fees. The state exam application is $155 and background check fees are $90. You can pay these fees after the training is complete. You will receive a certificate of completion from our program after the training is over but you must pass  your state exam before you can get your CNA license. 



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