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Class Schedule - We offer both English and Spanish Classes

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To sign up for classes please register online or give us a call.

We guarantee that you will pass your state exam or you can take our refresher course again for FREE!

Please note the school is not open all day long for walk-ins, however, you may call at any time for information or to make an appointment to come in to meet with an instructor. 


Testing fees are separate from the training fees. The state exam application is $155 and background check fees are $76. You can pay these fees after the training is complete. You will receive a certificate of completion from our program after the training is over but you must pass  your state exam before you can get your CNA license. 



The Best CNA Training in Jacksonville

April 10-12  Fri-Sun 10-1:20pm

April 13-15 Mon-Wed 10-1:20pm

April 13-15 Mon-Wed 6-9pm

April 24-26 Fri-Sun 10-1:20pm

April 24-26 Fri-Sun 6-9pm

April 27-29 Mon-Wed 10-1:20pm

April 27-29 Mon-Wed 6-9pm

May 8-10 Fri-Sun 10-1:20pm

May 8-10 Fri -Sun 6-9pm

May 11-13 Mon-Wed 10-1:20pm

May 11-13  Mon-Wed 6-9pm

May 22-24 Fri- Sun 10-1:20pm

May 22-24 Fri-Sun 6-9pm

May 25-27 Mon-Wed 10-1:20pm

May 25-27 Mon-Wed 6-9pm

There must be a minimum of two students per class or the class day and time will have to be rescheduled


Register early! Classes fill up fast,
especially the weekend classes!!


Call for flexible class scheduling and we will work with you as best as possible. 

Private One-on-One Classes

Our classes are fast pace and we cover a lot of material in a short amount of time. If you have learning disabilities it is recommended that you take our private course to have one-on-one training with an instructor.

To sign up for classes click here

We guarantee that you will pass your state exam or you can take our course again for FREE!