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Call (904)651-1420 to make an appointment for Background Check and Fingerprinting

We provide level 2 background check and fingerprinting for the FL Board of Nursing using ORI code EDOH0380Z. This is required to submit your Prometric CNA application for state testing. Your background check must be approved by the FL Board of Nursing in order to get approved for testing. You can get your fingerprints and background check done before, during or after you have completed our CNA test prep course for $90. If you have already done your fingerprints and background check for the FL Board of Nursing using the ORI Code EDOH0380Z within the last 5 years, you do not have to do it again. To check to see if you have fingerprints on file with the FL Department of Health for the FL Board of Nursing please call 850-410-8161

For applicants with a criminal history you can check the FL Board of Nursing's website to view all requirements needed for licensure.

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