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One Week CNA Training & Testing Center
Your One Stop Shop to get your CNA License!

only $225!

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CNA taking vital signs

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 Clinical Skills Learned


Bed Pan

Catheter Care

Change Occupied Bed

Dress a Resident

Feed a Resident

Foot Care

Hand and Nail Care

Hand Washing

Indirect Care Behaviors

Infection Control

Measure Urine Output

Mouth Care with Teeth 

Mouth Care with Dentures

Partial Bed Bath

Perineal Care


Range of Motion Elbow & Wrist

Range of Motion Hip, Knee & Ankle

Range of Motion Shoulder



Transfer from bed to wheelchair

What is a "CNA"?

A Certified Nursing Assistant helps patients and clients with their basic health care needs and activities of daily living under the supervision of a nurse. CNA positions serve as a professional stepping stone before investing in a lengthy degree. After all- you want to ensure the healthcare field is the right industry for you.


How does it work in only one week?

Here at One Week CNA Training, we teach you how to pass the state CNA exam WITHOUT ​going to school. We have a 98% success rate and we GUARANTEE you will pass, or you can take our refresher course again for FREE!

This is the fastest way in Florida to get your CNA license. Our class is 100% hands-on and is only 3 days for the week! The program is $225 and prepares you for BOTH parts of the state exam. The $225 includes your study guide and hands-on clinical skill training. 

You do not need any medical experience or training to complete our course. The course is fast paced so if you have learning difficulties or language barriers please call and speak with an instructor before signing up for class.  You do NOT need a high school diploma or a GED if you're 18 or older. You do not need any previous experience or training to attend this program. We teach everyone the same regardless of background.

During your training we will walk you through the entire application process for the state exam with Prometric.

The state exam application is $155- this fee is separate from the training and can be paid before, during or after you have completed the course.

You will also need your electronic fingerprints and Level 2 background check (avg. $90) cleared by the Dept. of Health before you can take your state test. We offer electronic fingerprinting and background checks here at One Week CNA Training for $90. Please call (904)651-1420 for this service.

You do not need your fingerprints/background check done before attending the course. You can get your fingerprints/background check done before, during or after you have completed the program. However, it is recommended to get your fingerprints done before your training to help speed up the application process.

PLEASE NOTE: It can take 30-90 days for you to get a test date for your exam after you have successfully submitted your application and have been approved for testing.

You will get your CNA license after you have passed both parts of the state exam.

We have a 98% success rate and we believe in our program so if you don't pass your state exam after attending our class you can take our refresher course again for FREE!

If you have previously taken and failed the CNA exam 3 times you cannot attend our course. You must attend a 120hr program in order to retake the test again.

You do not have to be a Florida resident to attend our program or take the FL CNA test. If you live in another state and want to work there, you will have to get licensed here in FL first and then transfer your license to your state by following your states reciprocity process via their board of nursing. 

Please check your schedule before registering for classes. You must be able to attend all 3 days of class in-person. These classes are not online. All payments are non-refundable.

Wear any color scrubs and sneakers or crocs to class. If you do not have scrubs, you may wear pants and a shirt. We also have scrubs and crocs available for purchase here at our location. 

Our classes are quick, and we do not take long breaks so please be prepared. We do have snacks available for purchase if you need refreshments.


To see the next available classes or to get registered click here.


Once again: Our program is $225 which includes your hands-on training and study guide.

The testing fees are separate from our program fees and include state exam application -$155 and fingerprint/background check is average $90.

You can pay for the testing and background check fees anytime before, during or after the training is complete.

You will receive a certificate of completion from our program after the training is over, but you must pass your state exam before you can get your CNA license from the Board of Nursing. 

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