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One Week CNA Training in Jacksonville, Florida

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What is a CNA?

How do I become a CNA?

What is a "CNA"?

A Certified Nursing Assistant helps patients and clients with health care needs under the supervision of a nurse. CNA positions serve as a professional stepping stone before investing in a lengthy degree.After all- you want to ensure the healthcare field is the right industry for you.


How does it work in only one week?

Here at One Week CNA Training we teach you how to challenge the state CNA exam WITHOUT ​going to school. This is the fastest way in Florida to get your CNA license. You do NOT need a high school diploma or a GED if you're 18 or older. 


Our class is fun, fast and easy. Take a chance and give us a call today to see if this is the right career change for you.


  • 3 days of Hands-on training by an experienced RN, LPN, or CNA 

  •  FREE  Refresher Course- right before your exam!!

  • Take home EXAM PREP study guide with clinical skills listed step by step

  • Practice Tests with over 100 questions

  • Practice all 21 skills

  • Flexible Class Schedules 

Payment plans are available with no credit check so everyone qualifies! 

Spanish Classes Offered!

After taking our class we are proud to say we have a 98% success rate!


We guarantee that you will pass your state exam or you can take our refresher course again for FREE!

Please note the school is not open all day long for walk-ins, however, you may call at any time for information or to make an appointment to come in to meet with an instructor. 


Testing fees are separate from the training fees. The state exam application is $155 and background check fees are $76. You can pay these fees after the training is complete. You will receive a certificate of completion from our program after the training is over but you must pass  your state exam before you can get your CNA license.